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學校機關 】【Journal網路資源:Statistics, Data Mining, Wavelets  
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dot2.gif (1014 bytes) Computer Science Papers NEC Research Institute CiteSeer Publications Researching

dot2.gif (1014 bytes)Use business sources to access statistical journal

dot2.gif (1014 bytes)Biometrika

dot2.gif (1014 bytes)Current index to Statistics

dot2.gif (1014 bytes)IEEE Homepage

dot2.gif (1014 bytes)Journal of the Amer. Stat. Assoc.

dot2.gif (1014 bytes)Statistics and Computing

dot2.gif (1014 bytes)The Annals of Statistics


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dot.gif (1036 bytes)Java applet demonstrates Fourier series

dot.gif (1036 bytes)Discrete Multivariate Analysis




dot.gif (1036 bytes)NIST - SEMATECH Engineering Statistics Internet Handbook (EDA: Exploratory Data Analysis)

dot.gif (1036 bytes)Statistics Resources on the Web-Software Information

dot.gif (1036 bytes)StatLib

dot.gif (1036 bytes)OAK Software Repository


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dot.gif (1036 bytes)Amara's Wavelet Page  wavelet overview, software, resource....

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dot.gif (1036 bytes)The engineer's ultimate guide to wavelet analysis / The wavelet totorial

dot.gif (1036 bytes)Washington University Wavelet NetCare

dot.gif (1036 bytes)Wavelet Resources


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dot.gif (1036 bytes)Machine Learning course 

dot.gif (1036 bytes)Networks for Learning: Regression and Classification

dot.gif (1036 bytes)Machine Learning Books

dot.gif (1036 bytes)Find information and resources on Machine Learning, Knowledge Discovery, Data Mining, Case-based   Reasoning, 

       and Knowledge Acquisition

dot.gif (1036 bytes)Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

dot.gif (1036 bytes)Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Resources

dot.gif (1036 bytes)Data Mining by Guru-George H. John

dot.gif (1036 bytes)IBM-Data Mining Research

dot.gif (1036 bytes)SAS-Enterprise Miner

dot.gif (1036 bytes)Statistics - Datamining - Stockmarket Analysis  search for Statistics related information,

such as Academic Statistics, Datamining and Stockmarket

dot.gif (1036 bytes)The Data Mine

dot.gif (1036 bytes)UCLA Data Mining Laboratory

dot.gif (1036 bytes)Online Machine Learning software and datasets discussed in the textbook 'Machine Learning' by Tom Mitchell, McGraw Hill, 1997.

Discussed in the textbook 'Machine Learning' by Tom Mitchell, McGraw Hill, 1997.

dot.gif (1036 bytes)UCI Machine Learning Repository

dot.gif (1036 bytes)Kernel Machines : This is a link for SVM and other kernel methods

dot.gif (1036 bytes)KDnuggets Data Mining, Web Mining, and Knowledge Discovery Guide

dot.gif (1036 bytes)Competitions in Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

dot.gif (1036 bytes)Home page of PKDD Discovery Challenge

dot.gif (1036 bytes)Data-Mining-Cup 2002 :: KDD Cup 2002


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dot.gif (1036 bytes)Digital photography tutorials

dot.gif (1036 bytes)3D MRI Digital Atlas Database of Adult C57BL/6J Mouse Brain [Last Modified: Nov. 2005]

dot.gif (1036 bytes) CVonline: The Evolving, Distributed, Non-Proprietary, On-Line Compendium of Computer Vision

dot.gif (1036 bytes) 新光醫院: 正子造影中心  3D PET儀器及影像介紹

dot.gif (1036 bytes) Image Databases: The Digital image Processing.

dot.gif (1036 bytes)Cpp Program:

dot.gif (1036 bytes)Programmer shaven:

dot.gif (1036 bytes)C++ Program :

dot.gif (1036 bytes)The Stanford 3D Scanning Repository

dot.gif (1036 bytes)Large Geometric Models Archive

dot.gif (1036 bytes)The Computer Vision Homepage

dot.gif (1036 bytes)Ying Nian Wu's Research

dot.gif (1036 bytes)The USC-SIPI Image Database

dot.gif (1036 bytes)The Joy of Visual Perception: A Web Book  Peter K.Kaiser, Web/HTML Support: Rod Potter,York University

dot.gif (1036 bytes)CAMBRIDGE IMAGERS - Thresholding with Random Field Theory

dot.gif (1036 bytes)Keith Price Bibliography Annotated Computer Vision Bibliography: Table of Contents (01/14/2002)

dot.gif (1036 bytes)The Visualization ToolKit (VTK) (01/25/2002)

dot.gif (1036 bytes)Image process (由 碩士班畢業生 侯明昌 整理提供)



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dot2.gif (1014 bytes) Programming Fun

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